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I love to travel around the globe, adventuring across a different continent each year by boot, bike, or bus. I then turn my images and thoughts in a series of Photo Journal eBooks.

In between my travels, I rejuvenate on the family buffalo ranch in Kansas, where I lead tours to see these majestic animals, and play in my jewelry studio (visit my Etsy store).

You may know my jewelry style from the five book, three video educational series on how to make beaded chain jewelry (more about the books & videos ).

I'm now looking past printed paper books, and embracing the digital simplicity of individual jewelry tutorials (see all the jewelry projects you can make at home).


For your assistance there is a selection of free tutorials to learn chain patterns, earring hooks, forged S-clasp, and wire-set beads (see free tutorials, source supplies and tools).

The man behind the keyboard, Scott David Plumlee, is an adventure-seeking, question-pondering, mad-scientist-type who sometimes wears a monkey on his head (about me).

Visit my Etsy store

I sell my jewelry designs at
Glasshouse Studio Gallery
311 Occidental Avenue S.
Seattle, Washington, USA
(206) 682-9939
1000 Lakes Sunrise
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