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Teach these jewelry projects at your local bead store or jewelry studio - here's how

I am currently not teaching jewelry workshops, so I'm offering the opportunity for others to carry forward the inspiration to lead workshops and teach their students the jewelry projects that I have published in my book series, utilizing the PDF-file tutorial handouts that I have developed with the following requirements:

1. The instructor must email me to receive my express permission. Please list your past experience in leading workshops, and skill level in making beaded chain jewelry. This is for my peace of mind to know that the instructor is qualified as a teacher, and has the jewelry making experience to fully explain the subtle details of the project to their students.

2. The instructor must indicate where (store, city, state/country) they are planning to teach these jewelry projects. Although it is not mandatory, I would prefer that the instructor be the owner or an employee or of the stated bead shop or jewelry store. Note: you will not receive permission to teach at national events such as Bead-n-Button, as they require original projects.

3. Once you have my permission to teach these jewelry designs, purchase one copy of the PDF-file tutorial from my website for yourself and make the project. If you have any questions or need clarification about the project - please ask by email.
Spiderchain sells kits for many of the projects in bronze, or can supply jump rings in alternative metals. You can use jump rings from other suppliers or make them yourself, but they must be the correct size for the project to work correctly.

4. Promote the jewelry making workshop at your local bead shop or jewelry store, I recommend a 10 student limit, so you can give each student the time and attention that they need. As needed, you may copy the project image that I use on my website for your publicity needs in print or online with the photo credit "© Scott David Plumlee, www.davidchain.com".

5. With your students signed up, all that I ask is that you purchase one PDF-file tutorial handout per student, and print one copy per student - do not photocopy one handout - that would be is illegal and quite disrespectful to me.

6. Please promote me by showing copies of the published books and DVD's, and if possible, have copies for sale.

Teaching Tips: Be patient and humble; speak slowly, loudly and clearly; make nametags for each student and/or make a seating chart to help you remember each student's name (and actually use their name); listen to your students and answer all questions fully (if there isn't time in class to explain fully - ask them to stay after); smile, laugh, and tell a few jokes.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration to follow these guidelines and continue the inspiration that I started.

Sincerely, Scott David Plumlee

Instructor Testimonials

I own SassySessories in Janesville, Wisconsin and have many devoted chain maille students in the Madison area who are also fans of Scott Plumlee’s book series. I sent Scott an e-mail asking permission to teach his designs at area bead stores and events. His response giving me permission was truly motivating. I simply purchased one design PDF file, and when ready to teach my class on the design, I purchased a PDF-file tutorial for each student and used my own jump rings. The step-by-step instructions and images are a dream to teach with and my students LOVE the unique designs.

When I find a source of inspiration and an opportunity to improve my business I want to share that experience with others; I found that when I purchased teachable PDF-files from Scott. I have always been a huge fan of his books and my chain maille students love his designs. Thank you Scott, you have made my class preparation a snap.

Thank you, Syl Mauerman

Copyright © 2013 Scott David Plumlee, all rights reserved.