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The second book, Chain and Bead Jewelry Creative Connections, takes you on a wire-wrapping adventure through 28 jewelry projects and dozens of techniques. Join me through this 160-page quest to balance metal and mineral, from the basics of metal wire, aspect ratio precise jump rings, gemstone beads, and simple hand tools to the essential techniques you'll need to master jump ring assembly, setting headpin beads, forging S-clasps, and bending identical earring backs from Argentium silver headpin wires.

Discover wire-wrapping techniques that progress from simple earrings to embellished bracelets. More complex techniques are explored in the later chapters where gemstone beads are used to embellish a variety of age-old chains, from the Byzantine, Flower, Mobius, Dubious, Japanese, Inca Puño, and European, to the infamous six-sided Snake chain.

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For a visual tour of this book's jewelry designs, click-through the series of five project images below.

T he Beaded Twin Bracelet project from the 2nd book was featured in the
December 2007 issue of Bead&Button magazine.

View 9 additional jewelry project tutorials to make bracelets and a pendant.

Hazel Wheaton, editor of Art Jewelry magazine wrote a very kind review of the Mandrel-tip pliers.

Mandrel-tip pliers, both sizes are sold at Spiderchain.

2nd Book Customer Reviews


CHAIN MAIL, Not just for bikers anymore!

June 25, 2009: This is the second book by Scott Plumlee and it's full of original designs. Scott has created new and interesting ways of putting wire and beads together to create one of a kind jewelry. I had the pleasure of seeing an advanced copy of this book when I took a class with Scott at the Bead and Button show in Milwaukee.

Like his first book, it's packed with tons of helpful information for the novice. For those who already know the basics this book will show you new and wonderful variations to create that one of a kind piece. The directions are easy to follow and they're accompanied with detailed pictures of what to do. He also talks about tools and materials that can help you to accomplish the perfect piece.

He's a wonderful and patient teacher and he didn't hesitate to take the time and sit with anyone who was having trouble in his class. We all left the class with our beautiful bracelets featured in his new book. I pre ordered my copy at the class and can't wait until it arrives so I can get started on one of the several projects I plan on doing.

I feel his first book, Handcrafting Chain and Bead Jewelry: Techniques for Creating Dimensional Necklaces and Bracelets, is also a MUST HAVE for anyone looking to learn about making chain mail. A visit to his web site, www.davidchain.com, will show you several of the pieces in his second book and maybe even what he's got up his sleeve for his third book!

by imbeadingheart - review listed on Barnes & Nobel website


Gorgeous, helpful, beautiful, inspiring new book arrived yesterday. Have just had enough time to thumb through it, but it looks fab!!! I see detailed instructions, and loads of info on making the really new and exciting pieces that are photographed. Job well done, Scott! I know you must be beside yourself with glee! - Dale Wigley (the star of texas)

We received the two books on Saturday and were very excited. The projects are lovely, and the pictures are phenomenal! What a fantastic job you did on this book. You will no doubt be getting loads of workshop/class work out of this. Hope to see you next year at the Bead & Button Show.
Again, thanks for your generosity. - Margaret Austin

Congratulations on a beautiful book, and thank you so much for sending us a copy! It's an excellent job - well laid out, well photographed, and very clear instructions. And thank you for the sweet inscription and the mention in the acknowledgements, too - what a treasure!
Thank you again so much! love, Judy Walker (author of The Beaded Sphere, amazing seed-beading book)

THANK YOU!!!!! I just got your new book today and it is so inspiring! I am sitting in my garden and eating strawberries and reading your book. This is best summer doing I can imagine . First I thought the chain in page 66 is my favorite, but then I came to page 76 and liked it too, but no less than chains in pages 88, 104, 115, 134, 146, 153. So I have some busy times coming.
THANK YOU so much! - Maarit Horne

I have been working with beads for 5 years but I am now newly addicted to chain maille jewelry. After reading your book it’s easier to look at other projects and see how they are made. Thanks, Ron Falkoff

Hi Scott- I just got your new book and it's awesome! The illustrations and instructions are crystal clear. Good job!
Best wishes, Gail Baymiller (a student of yours)

I love the books. Everything is beautiful. I especially like the Chaos wraps. I have already emailed the Beadclub in Woodinville, Washington about info on the classes. I would love to be able to attend. - Susan

Thank you for your books. Your first book was my introduction to chain maille. You have given me lots of new approaches to think about and some wonderful, versatile jewelry designs. Your workmanship and attention to detail is always impressive; I love to look at the wire-wrapped beads lined up, each like the one before it like an overly compulsive scientist - the images have tremendous appeal as is your artistic sense. I'll look forward to your third book, as I looked forward to your second, and, in the meantime, will have many hours of pleasure playing with rings and beads. - Deborah Roess

I received your new book about a week ago, and I want to tell you it is the greatest. I have done up to the flower chain with no problems at all. The book is easy to follow; in fact, if it were any easer the book would be making the chains. Thank you so much for doing this book, and I feel really great to have a signed copy. I never would have know that making these chains could be so easy, had it not been for your great books. I just got this one and can't wait for the next. - Charles Blank

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