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The fourth book, Chain and Bead Jewelry Soldering Connections was published by Author House in February 2011. This informative book is an introductory to simple soldering techniques with a variety of 'soldering optional' jewelry designs, and uses a variety of studio techniques to make innovative designs. The introductory chapter details all the tools and materials needed, essential techniques to make jump rings, chain patterns, and several findings, concluding with common soldering technique problems and solutions for remedy. We will then practice our skills on the Simple Loop project onto the 3-ring Flower Petal series. The projects will increase in complexity by spiraling and soldering the 5-ring Mobius designs, and the 20-ring Spiral Ball earrings and bracelets. We will then utilize the hot torch to heat Argentium silver wire to produce a teardrop-shaped termination that will be used for setting metal beads and as a constructional element in a variety of Teardrop within Loop chain designs. We will practice the basic techniques on the Cascade projects into the beaded Triad and Star series. The basic chain is hammer forged and twisted into the Forged Arch designs, and finally embellished with the US dollar bill in the Money earrings and bracelet.

Or purchase a digitally-delivered PDF $16

For a visual tour of this book's jewelry designs, click-through the series of five project images below.

The Forged Arches Bracelet project was featured in the
Summer 2014 issue of Easy Metal Jewelry magazine.

View eleven additional jewelry project tutorials to make earrings and bracelets.

October 2010 issue of Jewelry Artist magazine.

4th Book Customer Reviews

Excellent book

I knew nothing about soldering in jewelry making. His book explains well and also gives some beautiful projects to try. ;-) -by Cheri F. Dunlap (via Amazon).

Soldering Connections by Jeannie K Dukic

Learn to solder silver, bronze, copper, and gold jump rings into stunning beaded chain jewelry designs with renowned book author and workshop instructor Scott David Plumlee. This book is a user-friendly approach for soldering metal jump rings and Argentium headpins.

It contains essential techniques like making your own jump rings and ball head pins, and a extensive section on soldering tools. He explains the difference between a butane and a propane torch and what each is best suited for. There are excellent step out pictures for common soldering problems and how to fix them.

Once you learn how to make your own ball head pins, there is a great illustrated diagram and instructions on how to make two identical ear wires. If you never used a torch before, this book will make it seem less scary. Scott tells in detail about the best wire to use for the soldering task.

Then the project section is next. It’s in two chapters, spiral and tear-loop and WOW! The spiral projects are all stunning and unique chain maille designs and the tear-loop are done with ball head pins. I like that he separated them like that. “20 spine-tingling jewelry designs”, and he’s right.

There are things in there I never seen done before by anyone. There is a really cool money bracelet you must see…made with REAL dollar bills! That in itself is worth the purchase of the book. I know all the projects will be comfortable to wear and make the most unique gifts that you will treasure always.

Even if you don’t do your own soldering for these projects you can still make all of them. The projects don’t require that you do your own soldering. This book just encourages you to and shows you how step-by-step. It’s like have Scott right next to you teaching you himself.

This is Scott’s 4th self-published book and his goal is for you to overcome your fear of the flame with his user-friendly method….The Scott Method. If you purchase the book from his website you can get a signed copy.

Review by Jeannie K Dukic --- Jewelry by Jeannie --- www.jkdjewelry.com

Chain maille and beyond -- lots of clever ideas by Lori Anderson

Well, David Plumlee has done it again! Another of his beautiful books landed on my doorstep but this time there's a twist -- he teaches us how to solder! The book covers twenty projects using sterling silver, bronze, copper, and gold jump rings. I love that he shows how to solder rings, many using a simple butane torch.

The beginning of the book covers the basics, which includes a handy and complete demonstration on making ear wires, a magnetic clasp, and a hammered S-clasp. He also covers the finishing process, which I found very informative, particularly when he talked about a second pickling process. I've run into the same technical issues he discussed, and when I tried his solution, it cleared my problem right up.

The projects are fantastic, and many of them don't require you to solder. Earrings can be solder-free, due to their nature, and some of the bracelets are able to be made without firing up a torch. However, David's explanations and diagrams are so easy to follow, you'll be able to whip out that torch and become an expert in no time.

The designs are fresh and creative. The Beaded Triad earrings above prepare you for the Beaded Triad bracelet and the Beaded Star key fob and earrings. He also shows you how to make a stunning mobius pair of earrings and a bracelet, and for that tutorial alone, I'd buy the book.

One of the things I love about this particular book is it's not all chain maille -- it goes into forging as well. The other beauty is the projects are accessible and doable for all skill levels. It's a terrific book with a lot of places for you to jump off and run with your own creative variations.

Highly recommended!!!!

Review by Lori Anderson --- Lori Anderson Designs --- www.lorianderson.net

(via Amazon).

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