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The fifth book, Silver Soldering Simplified was published by Potter Craft in September 2013. This book utilizes simplified soldering techniques and innovative jewelry designs to create a variety of geometric shapes from securely soldered jump ring frames, many of which are then embellished with fine wire woven gemstone bead patterns. The introductory chapter details all the tools and materials needed, essential techniques to make jump rings, chain patterns, and several findings, concluding with common soldering technique problems and solutions for remedy. We will then practice hand wrapping thin 24-gauge wire lengths into 16-gauge large-diameter soldered frames for the Peace Symbol design series. Next, we will test our soldering skills to create the dimensional Globe frame designs. The book’s projects will increase in complexity by spiraling and soldering a 3-ring, 4-ring, and 6-ring Propeller design. The next level utilizes thinner 19-gauge wire to create the 6-ring and 12-ring Dharma designs and illustrates a wire-wrapped ‘reef knot’ parachute cord technique. This book concludes by twisting a soldered oval into a Figure Eight frame between two mandrels, to be embellished with beads, and finally wrapped side-by-side into a stunning bracelet.

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For a visual tour of this book's jewelry designs, click-through the series of five project images below.

The Repetitive Eight Bracelet project was featured in the
September 2013 issue of Step-by-Step Wire Jewelry magazine.

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5th Book Customer Reviews

Excellent explanations that anyone can understands

I bought this book specifically for a friend of mine who is excellent in silversmithing. She fell in love with some of the patterns, and I fell in love with some others. Not too many are left out. There are also excellent explanations or tips you may have forgotten if you solder silver. -by Roselyn Gerszewski (via Amazon)

Great explanatory graphics

Like all of Plumlee's books, this one has great graphics! The graphics are exceptionally helpful as you follow his techniques. Superb book. -by grandmaboxes (via Amazon)

Love this book!

I love to make chainmaille and this book also uses torching skills to add creativity to your designs! -by anonymous (via Barnes&Noble)

Good Instruction

The information and instruction were well worth the price. The projects were not up my alley. -by Patricia Barry (via Amazon)

A Truly Elegant, Fascinating and Fun Technique for All Kinds of Jewelry Designers
and Artisans, by the Great Scott David Plumlee
by Jean Yates

What an awesome book! This project loaded, informative and great instructional book is by the experienced and wonderful author, Scott David Plumlee.

Silver Soldering Simplified, A New Jewelry Technique You Can Do at Home, delivers, exactly as promised! Through his super ability of informed teaching techniques, all the information you could possibly require in order to learn what is a brand new jewelry technique is available to you right now! Not only that, you will be able to understand and access this information easily. If you already have a handheld torch, which most people who are interested in soldering have, you have most of the tool battle won! Granted, that is a slight overstatement, but as a dedicated jewelry designer who loves metalwork, this reviewer, for example, has or has had every single item needed at one time or another, except the newly developed ones which make this book so cool and compelling.

To work on the designs, the reader may sit anywhere in the house which has a table. Great! No studio required! Shortly you will be creating (and riffing off of) the author's projects, making beauty at every turn, and having fun!

Indeed yes! This is one totally FUN jewelry design book! I assure you the driving force behind this is the brilliant mind and classic art of the author at work, but there is a definite playful aspect to these projects and ... it's catching! You will soon understand what I mean, right after you get the book.

As the author is renowned for his chain maille, you may be wondering how much chain maille is offered. There is plenty and it is lovely! I admire chain maille in every way, so I was delighted to see that this ancient form of ring weaving appears in this book. As far as I am concerned, when designed and adapted by a master like Scott David Plumlee, a book without chain maille would be greatly lacking.

Do not worry. The author's new technique adds to chain maille in some instances in the projects. What is more, the two meld perfectly. So, back to the new technique. What is this technique and how do you learn it? It has to do with recent advancements in soldering.

The timing is great, because, as the author explains, he was ready to "move on beyond cold-connected chain and bead jewelry techniques and explore new territories" just at the time he was ready to write this, his fifth book. The ease of use and the availability of the hand held butane torch is a great boon.

However, more than that (and this reviewer is fairly aware of new items, BUT NOT THIS!), something else has just appeared on the jewelry design scene.

This something else is a new combination of Argentium silver solder paste in a syringe (!!!) and a special working surface called the Solderite board. Get yourself a torch, the paste and the board. You can accomplish handily what the author teaches. His jewelry designs are rated beginner, intermediate and advanced by him. In each, you will have control of your designs with "repeatable consistency" because Scott David Plumlee cares about his readers and students and has made sure of this. This is a super great method to try therefore, because combined with the creativity you will find which always emanates from this author, you get to make things that you have only imagined in your dreams before this book!

There are initial sections which cover (very comprehensively) the wire, beads, equipment, tools, patinas and finishes needed. There is a great section on jump rings and basic chain patterns. Then comes soldering itself and troubleshooting concerning soldering. You will also get some great extras, including making clasps and even ear wires which will be incorporated later. As with his projects, you will love these clasps and ear wires. After all this wonderful information, the reader will be ready to explore the chapters containing the jewelry design projects.

To begin, it needs to be said that one of the great interests of Scott David Plumlee is, to put it simply, shapes. The chapters, uniquely, are based upon the concept of shapes! This is quite an original and exciting way to present and teach jewelry design.

The list of chapters proceed as follows:
Peace Symbol Designs
Globe Designs
Propeller Designs
Dharma Wheel Designs
and Figure Eight Designs

The movement and beauty, the striking incorporation of beads, the new and novel utilization of soldering (at times with chain maille) and the colors and patinas of the metal make this book outstanding and one of a kind.

Scott David Plumlee takes the ancient gemstones of the earth. He combines form with a style which is rare and remarkable. He takes the old which remains great and takes the new and makes it great. He can make the leap from one to the other or fuse them together. This book is a masterwork.

If you are wondering what my favorite project is, I cannot tell you, because there was something I found so amazing about each one that it make me breathless. My great love of metals and of wire and of chain maille are not the only reasons I love this book.

I recommend this book for any jewelry design artist to illuminate the creative mind. You will learn theory, be inspired and love trying everything. And that is the joy and the fun you will derive from owning Silver Soldering Simplified, A New Jewelry Technique You Can Do at Home by Scott David Plumlee.

This one will be a staple in any jewelry designer's library. It is wonderful!

Review by Jean Yates --- http://snapoutofitjean.wordpress.com/

Read the full book review at: http://www.amazon.com/Silver-Soldering-Simplified-Jewelry-Technique/product-reviews/0770433677/ref=sr_cr_hist_all?ie=UTF8&showViewpoints=1


Copyright © 2014 Scott David Plumlee, published by Potter Craft, all rights reserved