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NOTE: I am currently living in Bangkok and do not have a jewelry studio so I cannot accept any jewelry commissions.
However, I have premade several earring and pendant designs for sale on my Etsy store, that will ship from Kansas.

Commission your own unique jewelry creation and see what past clients have requested

I am so very thrilled to make custom jewelry per request, not only to assist making dreams come true, but these commissions have guided my jewelry development. Here are some guidelines for requesting your unique jewelry design, followed by images of past commissions. To request a custom jewelry piece, please send me an email with the five criteria listed below and describe to me the amazing design you have in mind - thank you in advance.

I will need to know the following 5 criteria:

1) Would you like to use one of my jewelry designs from the past portfolio or current store,
or if you have something really amazing in mind, can you email me a scanned pencil sketch?

2) What type of jewelry project would you like me to make: a pair of earrings, pendant,
a dynamic bracelet with forged S-clasp, and/or a stunning necklace with magnetic clasp?

3) What length (inch or mm) would you like your bracelet, pendant's cord, or necklace?
See detailed instructions below for measuring your exact bracelet or necklace length.

4) What materials (metal wire and gemstone beads) would you like me to use?
Note that I can give you several price quotes based on different metal types.

5) Shipping zip code for postage, and best contact method (email, phone, skype) for discussing any details.

I will send you a response within a week (hopefully) with a price quote that including insured priority mail shipping. Once the final details are agreed upon, I will request a 50% material deposit by mailed personal check or with an emailed PayPal invoice. I typically deliver finished work within two to three weeks (hopefully), upon receipt and happy acceptance; I will request the final 50% payment. Thank you for your consideration, knowing I handcraft each piece with a labor of love.

Exact Bracelet Length: Measure your wrist with a flexible fabric tape in two locations; first around the thinnest part of the wrist which gives a ‘minimum diameter' to which I would add half an inch (13mm) for comfort and clasp function, and secondly around the knuckles of an open hand for a ‘maximum diameter' so the bracelet cannot roll off the hand.

Exact Necklace Length: Measure your neckline with a flexible fabric tape just above the collar bone, to which I would add one inch (25mm) for comfort and clasp function; typically 16-inch (40cm) is a women's neckline, 19-inch (48cm) is a men's neckline, 22-inch (56cm) for macho men, 25-inch (63cm) for really macho guys, and 29-inch (74cm) for grandmas who wear jewelry over the sweater.

Considering Metal Options: silver is relatively cheap, and gold is quite expensive, therefore I primarily use sterling silver and 14k gold-filled wire for their inherent strength, noble shine, and tarnish resistance. Jewelry designs crafted from sterling silver price $120 - 400 for bracelets and $250 - 950 for necklaces; and using 14k gold-filled wire doubles the price.


Japanese Rose Necklace
blue apatite beads
Annie in New Mexico

Japanese Triplet Earrings
red carnelian beads
Ona in Georgia

Butterfly Pendant
amethyst, carnelian, onyx beads
Mother in Kansas

Quatrefoil Pendant
blue turquoise beads
Mark in California

Yin Yang Coin Earrings
copper, brass, and silver
Mary in Arizona

Seven Religions Necklace
blue agate cabochon
Steven in Massachusetts

Pagoda Byzantine Necklace
Lotus and Aries formations
Jan in Alaska

Pagoda Byzantine Necklace
amethyst crystal centerpiece
Jenny in Tennessee

9-inch Flatt Bracelet
custom PMC centerpiece
Joe in Kansas

8-inch Aries Bracelet
custom PMC centerpiece
Joe in Kansas

Top: 8-inch 19-gauge Byzantine Bracelet
set with custom PMC centerpiece
Bottom: 9-inch 16-gauge Byzantine Bracelet
set with custom PMC centerpiece
commissioned by Chad in Kansas

26-inch Flatt Necklace
set with a custom Omega center
commissioned by Neal in Ohio

16-inch Rosary Byzantine Necklace
blue turquoise beads
Louis in Kansas

16-inch Rosary Byzantine Necklace
red carnelian beads
Jim in Washington

16-inch Aries Necklace
Cindy in Kansas

14 - 16" adjustable length Half-square Necklace
4mm black onyx beads
Kristin in New Mexico

7.5-inch Tornado Byzantine Bracelet
wire-wrapped lapis lazuli beads
John in Honduras

7.5-inch Zigzag Byzantine Bracelet
3mm and 6mm lapis lazuli beads
Regina in Arizona

26-inch Catholic Rosary
hematite beads and a cast crucifix
Brother's christening in Kansas

8-inch Twin Bracelet
black onyx beads
Kathy in Kansas

22-inch Flatt Necklace
custom Ankh centerpiece
John in Honduras

18-inch Flatt Necklace
custom jade centerpiece
Rick in Florida

9-inch bracelet and 18-inch Flatt Necklace
custom lapis lazuli centerpieces
Steve in New York

18-inch Diamond Necklace
custom jasper centerpiece
David in New Jersey

18-inch Byzantine Necklace
custom Agate centerpiece
Latta in Kansas

18-inch Diamond Necklace
custom Agate centerpiece
Lola in California

19-inch Triple Necklace
custom glass dolphin centerpiece
David in New Jersey

17-inch Square Necklace
turquoise beads and Celtic centerpiece
David in New Jersey
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