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Figure Eight Earrings

The Figure Eight start with a length of wire that is bent into an oval, soldered at the joint, and twisted into a Figure Eight shape between two mandrels. Within each circle of the Figure Eight frame a finer 24-gauge wire makes two passes, setting green chrysoprase and black onyx beads on the first pass, and makes a second pass of overlapping red carnelian beads; creating a visual tension between the two beaded lengths. The opposite circle of the Eight frame is beaded in a reflective beading pattern to embellish the Figure Eight Earrings project. The Figure Eights are combined into the Double Eight Earrings, and completed with a pair of double-wires and amethyst beads. Finally, twenty Figure Eights are combined side-by-side into the Hinged Eight Bracelet, completed with a double magnetic clasp, as seen on the mock book cover.

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