The third book Chain and Bead Jewelry Geometric Connections (2010), combines metal rings and gemstone beads in unique ways.  This user-friendly handbook covers the basics of hand tools, metal wire, gemstone beads, and aspect ratio precise jump ring sizes to make a dozen chain patterns.  Clear illustrations are given for the essential techniques needed for assembling jump rings, setting beads, forging S-clasps, and bending identical earring backs.  

We will start by assembling the age-old Byzantine chain sections into the Beaded Romanov and offset Serrated designs.  A Byzantine derivative, known as the Tripoli formation, will be used as the base element for building complex geometric shapes.  Three Tripolis are combined into the Incan Triangle Pendant, four Tripolis into the Flower Quatrefoil formation, and then five Tripolis into the Pentagon designs.  The book concludes with a series of organic designs that include the 6-pointed Snowflake and elusive Butterfly pendant. 

With this 160-page book, you will learn how to craft 36 geometric and organic jewelry designs from earrings and pendants to bracelets and necklaces.  Scroll down to view jewelry projects, magazine articles, and customer reviews.

3rd Book - Etsy Signed Book

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