Inspiring others with my passion for handcrafting beaded chain jewelry is the goal of this website, and I hope it serves to spark the curiosity of those that seek a creative adventure.  Although I am no longer making jewelry or teaching classes, the legacy lives on as my educational books continue to encourage people to discover the quiet meditative practice of assembling jump rings.  This site is a tribute to a joyful decade of combining metal jump rings and gemstone beads in clever ways in a series of happy accidents leading to endless creative-problem-solving challenges. 

I have been blessed with the opportunity to author five educational books that guide the reader step-by-step on a beaded chain jewelry adventure.  This informative series starts at the introductory level and slowly builds upon the foundation of knowledge and technique to progress towards more elaborate designs.  The first, second, and third books only use cold-connecting techniques; without a hot torch or power tools.  The fourth and fifth books step to the next level of silversmithing by adding a simplified soldering technique to create ‘gravity-defying’ jewelry designs.  Review all five books and three videos.

To assist teaching jewelry workshops, I created these individual project tutorials that are sold as digital PDFs through my Etsy store.  These jewelry projects are similar to the designs in my book series, but they deviate slightly for copyright reasons, or are alternative designs that were cut from the final book edition.  On this page you can quickly review the 67 jewelry tutorials offered as small thumbnail images, and then click on any thumbnail to view a larger image and get a link to visit my Etsy store where you can purchase and download the digital PDF documents. 

Purchase digital PDF through my Etsy store
Purchase digital PDF through my Etsy store

Books and tutorials can inspire your jewelry adventure, but your success will be limited by using the correctly-sized jump rings, and your enjoyment of the chain-making process will be enhanced by using proper hand tools.  To guide your successful journey, this page illustrates the jump ring sizes, hand tools, and studio supplies that I utilize.  Hidden within this page, like Easter egg candies, are PDF tutorials about the fundamental skills needed for handcrafting beaded chain jewelry, from ring closure and bead setting, to S-clasp forging and making custom headpins. 

Argentium Ohm Pendant

Gallery of jewelry designs over two decades of creative problem solving.
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