Chain and Bead Jewelry Book Series

Listed below are the educational books and videos that guide you step-by-step on a beaded chain jewelry adventure.  This informative series starts at the introductory level and slowly builds upon the foundation of knowledge and technique to progress towards more elaborate designs.  The first, second, and third books utilize cold-connected jewelry-making methods with no need for a hot torch.  The fourth and fifth books step to the next level of craftsmanship by adding a simplified soldering technique with modern materials to create increasingly complex ‘gravity-defying’ jewelry designs.

The first book Handcrafting Chain and Bead Jewelry (2006), is an introductory-level manual that explains the fundamentals of chain making, from round wire wrapped around a mandrel to assembling jump rings into chain patterns.  We will start with a simple 2+2+2 chain and progress to the more complex Byzantine chain, which is fashioned into different geometric designs and embellished with colorful gemstone beads. 

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“I made my first Byzantine bracelet last night thanks to your book.  Your instructions finally unlocked the mystery of this chain for me.  Thank you very much!” – Robin A.

The first DVD video Make Chain Maille Jewelry! was designed to complement the first book with eight step-by-step lessons on how to assemble the Single, Double, and Byzantine chain patterns. You will also learn how to embellish them with gemstone beads, forge an S-clasp, and many more detailed techniques. Run time: 87 minutes.

The second book Chain and Bead Jewelry Creative Connections (2009), is an elementary-level guide that takes you on a wire-wrapping adventure through 28 jewelry projects and dozens of techniques.  We will explore different wire-wrapping methods that progress from precise to chaos patterns.  Learn how to assemble a dozen chain patterns embellished with several bead-setting formulas to balance metal and gemstone. 

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“I would not have known that making these chains could be so easy had it not been for your great books. Thank you so much, and I feel great to have a signed copy.” – Charles B.

The second DVD video Make Wire-Wrapped Jewelry! was created to complement the second book with seven step-by-step lessons on how-to balance metal and gemstones with unique wire-wrapping methods. You will also learn how to make beautiful headpins from 19-gauge Argentium silver for earring hooks and much more.  Run time: 71 minutes. 

3rd Video - Make Chain Maille Jewelry! Vol2

The third DVD video Make Chain Maille Jewelry! Vol. 2 compliments the second book with nine step-by-step tutorials on handcrafting various chain patterns with gemstone bead embellishments set onto headpin wires.  You will learn how to use the Mandrel-tip Pliers to set the gemstones and create seamless beaded chain jewelry. Run time: 87 minutes.

The third book Chain and Bead Jewelry Geometric Connections (2010), is a user-friendly handbook that combines metal rings and gemstone beads in unique ways. We will be using modern derivatives of the ancient Byzantine chain to create geometric and organic jewelry designs. From the Beaded Romanov and Incan Triangle to the Pentagon pattern and illusive Butterfly design; this book has something to spark any artisan’s curiosity.  

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“… gorgeously photographed and painstakingly detailed primer on creating dazzling designs.  The opening chapters on tools and tips alone are worth the purchase.” – Erin L.

The fourth book Chain and Bead Jewelry Soldering Connections (2011), is an introduction to silver soldering with large diameter rings that spiral into dimensional patterns. We will also be using a hot torch to teardrop the tip of Argentium silver wire in different gauge thicknesses, from 19-gauge wire for earring backs and magnetic clasps to thicker 16-gauge wire for the innovative Tear-in-Loop jewelry design series. 

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“Excellent book; I knew nothing about soldering in jewelry making.  His book explains well and also gives some beautiful projects to try.” – Cheri F.

The fifth book Silver Soldering Simplified (2013), is a user-friendly guide for modern materials and techniques to simplifying the silver soldering process. We will be using large-diameter rings and innovative methods to create ‘gravity-defying’ Propeller formations.  Step-by-step illustrations are given for embellishing these forms with wire-woven gemstone bead patterns to balance of metal and mineral for handcrafting stunning jewelry designs. 

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“I bought this book specifically for a friend of mine who is excellent in silversmithing.  She fell in love with some of the patterns, and I fell in love with some others.  There are also excellent explanations or tips you may have forgotten if you solder silver.” – Roselyn G.